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餐馆的服务生: waiter (男服务员)和 waitress (女服务员) 旅馆的服务生:attendant 所有的服务生都可以称为:service person

服务员的英语单词是waiter,详细信息如下: waiter 英 [wet(r)] 美 [wet] n.服务员;侍者;托盘 例句: a waiter offered him the menu 一个服务生给他送上了菜单. the waiter had brought the sweet trolley. 侍者已经推来了甜食推车.

托盘;(r)] 美[你好. 服务员;wet] n!服务员waiter 英[wet 侍者

服务员 waiter

服务员: 1. server2. waitress3. waiterRelative explainations:<attendant> <steward> <counterman> <service man> <waitperson> <numberdummy> Examples:1. 服务员正站在那儿等顾客. Servers stand there waiting for customs.2. 她是饭店的女服

1.The waiter served 2.serve the dish3.waiter dishes on4.Waiter serving

How may I help you? 我能为你做什么?What would you like to drink? 你想喝什么?Can I serve you your order now?可以上菜了吗?

The waiter/ waitress(女服务员) is serving the dish.

waiter [5weitE] n.者 waiter wait.er AHD:[w“t…r] D.J.[6weit*] K.K.[6wet+] n.(名词) One who serves at a table, as in a restaurant.侍者:如在餐馆中在餐桌旁服务的人,A tray or salver.

1 ① How many ? / How many are your party ? 你们几位?2 ① Two for dinner , please . 两人用餐. ② Can I have a table for two ? 有一张两个人的桌子吗?③ Could you please make arrangements for a dinner party of six ? 能为6个人安排就餐吗

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