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Hello everyone, I am Li Hua, a send year student in high school. For the upcoming final exam, I will come up with a review plan and implement it precisely; I will also find the problems that I don't understand, analyze the problems and solve them; I will


The statue of liberty, the symbol of American introduction of world-famous statue of liberty in New York harbor, standing tall on the island of freedom, a symbol of the American people freedom of lofty ideal. The statue of liberty, 45 million pounds of

有道词典在线翻译 有道英语在线翻译 http://www.ss11.cn/Soft/86.html 有道桌面词典是网易公司开发的一款翻译软件,有道桌面词典的最大特色在于其翻译是基于搜索引擎,网络释义的,也就是说它所翻译的词释义都是来自网络.有道桌面词典

My name is An Liangyu.I am 14 years old and I'm very outgoing.

你好!张老师你在这一学期中,教的课程我觉得非常的有趣A teacher in this semester, you teach the course I feel very interesting

I don't think that movie need be seen twice.我认为那部电影不值得看两遍

网络中国-翻译 http://tran.httpcn.com/ 该网站分为即时翻译和浏览翻译两种形式.即时翻译是在下框中输入要翻译的内容(限500个字符以内,超过请分段翻译).浏览翻译的功能适合翻译网站、网页,请输入您想翻译的网站(页)地址,选择“


I'm tired of listening to the piano. He has not carried out talent. There are two views of the school and parents, one is in favor, one opposed, I do not like their always limited, always do the things they do not like, so I'm making up for vacation time is

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