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你好!Advertisement has been more and more popular in our daily life .广告在我们的日常生活中越来越常见了.我的回答你还满意吗~~

Advertisement has been more and more popular in our daily life .广告在我们的日常生活中越来越常见了.

We based in strength and professionalism, with advanced design concept, surmounts lines and literalness space and guides you into an individuated category; the persistent, honest and deep communication forms our own interactive and swift

Greece is an advertisement for the first two changes.希腊的困境为前两个变化做了广告.We want the ryan budget.我们想要瑞恩的预算.In both white and gold varieties, it is a popular faux-gemstone in fashionaccessories. 琥珀有白色和金色两大

advertisement volunteer hands out the paper

1. The ice-skating rink will close at 5:00 p.m.2. Greece is an advertisement for the first two changes.3. We want the ryan budget.4. This book sets the benchmark for luxury brand management.5. Unique designer fashion accessories to make you feel confident.6. High gold prices are also hurting jewellery demand.

please call up me when you arrive. we want to set up a english club. he looks for jobs by putting up advertisement. we usually help old people clean up their houses. she makes money by giving out advertisements.

job advertisement招聘广告双语例句1The personnel enlists and is called a personnel a job advertisement.人员招募又称为人员招聘.2Talents are required in HUEYA Energy for this Job Advertisement.本期招聘,仅包括华扬能源和华扬电信两个业务板块.

I felt I did not have to make such a commitment to them. 我觉得我没有必要对他们作出那样的承诺. advertisements are common everywhere 广告随处可见

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