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put up with 容忍I cannot put up with all this noise.我无法忍受这些噪音.I can't put up with their bad behavior any longer.我再也不能忍受他们的恶劣行为了.

容忍,忍受.I can't put up with the noise while studying.

We had to put up with the inconvenience.我们不得不忍受不便之处


on the whole :He is not a bad fellow on the wholeOn behalf of my colleagues and myself ,I thank you.I won't put up with her behavior any more.So long as you believe,it will come true.there are many f


每个造五个句子太多了,每个短语造一个句子给你参考一下.也可以在有道上输入词组,有很多例句.The leader came up with a good idea to solve the problem.After making great efforts,John finally caught up with ot

put up with 忍受;容忍 I don't know how his parents put up with his antics.我不知道他的父母是如何忍受他的怪异行为.She could hardly put up with that fellow any longer.她再

put away put across圆满完成;使被接受 put asidev.撇开;储存…备用put in for申请put into effect执行

put up如果不加with,是举起;张贴;建造;提高的意思因为put up本身含义较多,所以需要后接不同介词来区分.tolerate=stand=bear做忍受讲时后接动词必须用ing,代词可以任意接.比如I can't bear you anymore.我再也受不了你了.

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