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What is American dream, I think everyone has his own conception. In my opinion, America dream is a popular belief that hard work will bring forth America's bounty in the form of material well-being. Whoever you are and wherever you were born, you

所谓的美国梦(American Dream),有广义和狭义之分,广义上指美国的平等、自由、民主;狭义上指一种相信只要在美国经过努力不懈的奋斗便能获得更好生活的理想,亦即人们必须通过自己的勤奋工作、勇气、创意、和决[1] 心迈向繁荣,而非依赖于特定的社会阶级和他人的援助.通常这代表了人们在经济上的成功或是企业家的精神.


Too many lawyers in football Baseballs gotta few The pitcher got a million dollars and the quarterback he got 2 Pitcher threw his arm away and the quarterback burned his knee And this they did so they could live the american dream Now there are


if i am a teacher, i will definately reduced the amout of home work! the amount of home work are burdening us, it contains too much knowledge that are academic. we do not know how to think independently. our mind are just tuned to absorbing

歌曲名:the american dream 歌手:billy ray cyrus 专辑:shot full of love well they moved away from the farms they did not own to live happily ever after on a g.i. loan the future was looking bright back in '62'neath the shadow of atomic bombs and the

The so-called American Dream , is a belief that as long as the United States after a hard struggle will be able to achieve the ideal of a better life, that is, people have to work through their own hard work, courage, creativity and determination to move

Three hundred years ago,the emigrants from England arrived at Maryland acrossing to search for a "pure"land for the puritans to live.Since then American Dream has

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