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日语: 空港 英语:Airport 日语:航空券 英语:ticket 日语:旅券 英语:Passport 日语:チェックイン 英语:Check in 日语:税 英语:Customs 日语:荷物 英语: Luggage 日语: 预かり 英语: Custody日语: 出 英语: Departure 日语


nowdays many chinese people can enjoy the overseas travel during during their holiday,and take photos,buy souvenirs and even afford foreign extravagant goods. about ten years' ago,in 1995,only few people have chance to go abroad for leisure.

date of birth 是出生日期 的意思

Please after getting off the plane at the airport waiting in the lobby. Inconvenience.

芝加哥机场有4个候机大楼,T1、T2、T3、T5,所有国际航班都在第5候机楼(T5)起降.1.入境,下飞机顺着人流走,会有两个队伍入口,一个是美国公民US Citizen,包括持绿卡者;另一个是 Visitors,大多数人都进这一队伍,不确定可问问

My boss and I invited one of our clients for dinner last Friday. That was a rainy day. We've confirmed to meet in Golden Hotel at 6:00 p.m., and we arrived there at 5:45. We waited for the client in the lobby and expected his arrival at 6:00. Time

楼主去读书的?会英语的话不用紧张 大不了张嘴问嘛 ..废话说完回答你的问题..我上次去美国玩的时候专机的流程 下飞机 入境 拿行李 在一堆人排队换登机牌的地方(那种长得就像换登机牌的地方)用护照换登机牌同时托运我记得我从la机场回国的时候 距离上要走一会 但不会因此有什么问题

Demestic Departure 国内Abroad(International) Departure 国际terminal departure building 机场大厦/候机楼 international departure building 国际航班出港大厦 seeing-off deck 送客台 domestic departure lobby 国内线出港候机厅 coffee shop 咖啡室

Dear Sir,we shall meet you at the exit in Pudong Airport in Shanghai, and we shall raise a piece of paper with your name on it. Sorry our English is not good, it may cause inc

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