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1) My father My father is very tall.He has two small but bright eyes and a big mouth . My father is a very severe man.He is very strict with me .Every night ,he asks me about what I have learnt in the day ,and helps me with my homework .Every morning,

tokyoTokyo is a marvelous mix of modern living and old-fashioned manners, slick high-tech gadgets and cutesy cartoon mascots. It's terribly crowded, yet can be strangely quiet. It's not a pretty city, not by conventional standards. Beauty comes in


HALLOWEEN encyclopedia content from: HALLOWEEN (HALLOWEEN) for every November 1, originated in ancient Celtic national (Celtic) of New Year celebrations, this is also where sacrificial ghosts moments, in avoiding evil spirit Kennedy

故事背景: "Ghost Sobs 4" the time foreword supposes between 1 generation and 2 generations. The evil spirit sword teaches the group is the city fills the metropolis “Fu Du that” (Fortuna) the belief organization, the worship boldly thrusts

i have no idea~ iam so sorry

"God of death" (Japanese: ブ リ チ, BLEACH), Hong Kong translates is "Floats Works", is the Japanese cartoonist for a long time guarantees the belt person's animation work.The cartoon has reached 24 volumes (on October 4, 2006 to

I think as a singerNot just simply pass on to have good songsThe singer - Jolin Tsai was in his concert that she was a singer way before. She did all the way to continuous efforts to continue to make breakthroughs. I do not know everyone from a


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