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cereal[英] [美] n.谷类植物;谷物;粮食;荞麦食品;adj.谷物的,谷物制成的;● 例句1.? "Cereal killer, no time for breakfast"?“谷物杀手:没时间吃早饭”2.Could chinese consumers be swapping congee for cereal at breakfast?中国消费者

cereal英音:['si?ri?l]美音:['s?r??l] 以下结果由译典通提供词典解释名词 n. 1.谷类植物[P1]2.谷类加工食品;玉蜀黍薄片;麦片[C][U]I've just bought a box of cereal. 我刚买了一盒麦片.形容词 a. 1.谷类的;谷类制成的

porridge和cereal 都可以 指 麦片粥;但是复 porridge是 特指 用燕麦或其他麦粉在清水或制牛奶中煮的软食,即(水或牛奶煮成的)麦片粥 而 cereal 是集合名词2113,一般是对 谷类食品5261, 谷类的统称(如小麦、燕麦、玉米、荞麦等4102等),所以 不是 特指 麦片粥,而仅仅是1653含有麦片粥的意思.

cereal怎么读? 回答:cereal 英 ['srl] 美 ['srl] n. 谷类,谷物;谷类食品;谷类植物 adj. 谷类的;谷类制成的 eg:Cereal dribbled from the little girl's mouth. 麦片碎屑从小女孩嘴边落下.

cereal[英]['srl] [美][sril] 生词本简明释义n.谷类植物;谷物;粮食;荞麦食品adj.谷物的,谷物制成的复数:cereals易混淆的单词:cereal以下结果由 金山词霸 提供柯林斯高阶英汉词典 网络释义1.n-mass(拌以牛奶作早餐的)谷类食品,麦片cereal or breakfast cereal is a food made from grain. it is mixed with milk and eaten for breakfast.i have a bowl of cereal every morning.我每天早上喝一碗麦片.

cerealKK: []DJ: []n.1. 谷类植物[P1]2. 谷类加工食品;玉蜀黍薄片;麦片[C][U]I've just bought a box of cereal.我刚买了一盒麦片.a.1. 谷类的;谷类制成的

区别:cereal谷类植物 grain尤其是谷类植物的种子 具体解释 cereal 1. 谷类植物2. 谷类加工食品;玉蜀黍薄片;麦片[C][U] I've just bought a box of cereal.我刚买了一盒麦片.adj.1. 谷类的;谷类制成的 grain1. 谷粒[C] Not a grain of rice was wasted.一粒米也没有浪费.2. 谷物,谷类[U][C] Farmers grow grain and keep cattle.农民种谷养牛.3. (砂、盐等的)粒,噶

cereal[英][siril] [美][sril] 简明释义 n.谷类植物;谷物;粮食;荞麦食品 adj.谷物的,谷物制成的 复数:cereals 来自百度词典,O(∩_∩)O~

rice cereal:米粉. 例句: Feed the baby eight treasures rice cereal, should let the baby maintain the seat to set up the posture, guards against food to have food stuck in the throat.喂食宝宝八珍粉,应让宝宝保持坐立姿势,以防食物噎住.I

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