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compensate for 英[kmpenset f(r)] 美[kmpenset fr] [词典] 赔偿,补偿损失; [例句]The company agreed to keep up high levels of output in order to compensate forsupplies lost这家公司同意保持高产量以弥补供货丢失带来的缺口.


compensate vt. 补偿,赔偿;付报酬compensate for 赔偿,补偿 这时compensate 是不及物动词.make up 弥补;组成;化妆;整理 用时,如需加宾语,则要带for .make up for 补偿,弥补

indemnify for 一般就是金额上的赔偿;compensate for还有补偿的意思,不一定是赔钱赔东西,也可以是赔人情啥的,弥补什么事儿之类的

compensate for loss赔偿损失; 双语例句1It was also considered unacceptable for public funds to be used to compensate for loss that should be allocated to the operator.也有意见认为:用公款来补偿须由经营者分担的损失,这是不可接受的.2

i would postulate that she's escaping into the online world to compensate for her sexual frustration 我认为,她以网游度日,是因为在性方面得不到满足.

你好,这里是不定式置于句首表原因或目的.该句句意为:为了补偿在医院的不愉快经历,他酒稍微喝过了一点.你提问中说的for to compensating的用法肯定没有的,for是介词,后面该跟名词,代词,动名词短语等,却跟了to,不仅如此,这个to不是介词后面却跟了现在分词.如果你想用for表原因,这句话可以说成:The man drank a little more than was good for compensation of his unpleasant experience in hospital.

这是新概念第三册课文的原句.题意 他借酒消愁,喝得超过常量. compensate v.抵消,补偿,弥补 [搭配] compensate you for any damage done to your house 补偿对你的房子所造成的任何损失;compensate for losing one's son 补偿某人失去儿子的损失 [范例] Nothing can compensate for the loss of time. 废度光阴是无法补偿的(光阴一去不复返).在这里 He drank a little more than (that) was good for him.意思是他喝多了点这是个宾语从句

为您解答 Make up for sth: 弥补; 补偿; 偿还 to take the place of something lost or damaged or to compensate for something bad with something good 例句:But ifwe lose love, it will be impossible to make up for it.但是如果我们失去了爱情,就

depend的用法如下:【1】. 信赖,信任,相信,确信,对…有信心(通常与on或upon连用):You may depend on the accuracy of the report.你可以信赖报告的准确性.【2】. 依赖,依靠(通常与on或upon连用):Children depend on their

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