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1) be afraid to do 不敢、害怕、胆怯去做某事 be afraid of doing 担心、恐怕出现2) forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事(未做) forget doing sth. 忘记做过了某事(已做)3) remember to do sth.记着去做某事(未做) remember doing sth.记着做了某事

remember +to do表记得要做某事(没做),+doing表记得做过某事(做了) forget +to do表忘记要做某事(没做),+doing表忘记做过某事(做了)stop +to do表停下来开始做某事(没做),+doing表停止做某事(做了)

TO DO STH 想要去做 一般表示为什么结果 DOING 表示正在进行 或主动时态

举点例子吧like to do 表示短时间的喜欢做某事like doing 表示长时间的喜欢做某事stop to do 停下正在做的事去做别的事stop doing 停下正在做的事forget to do 忘记做某事(没做)forget doing 忘记做过某事(做过了不记得)若


remember to do sth.记住要做某事/remember doing sth.记得曾做过某事;stop to do sth.停下来去做另一件事/stop doing sth.停止做某事;forget to do sth.忘记去做某事/forget doing sth.忘了做过某事;regret to do sth.遗憾去做某事/regret doing sth.后悔做了某事;go on to do sth.做完一件事接着做另一件事/go on doing sth.继续做同一件事;try to do sth. 试图做某事/try doing sth.尝试着做某事等.

do:raise\\go\\recommend\\lend\\ todo:want\\wouldlike\\listen\\bedeterminedto\\beforced\\answer\\seeup\\learn\\try\\forget(表忘记要做某事,但还没做)\\decide\\hope\\wish\\remember(表记得要做某事,还没做)\\intend(打算去做)\\used(过去

sb is/are doing sth. want to do

to do 的 dread, hate, like, love, prefer, begin, cease, commence, continue, start, forget, remember, regret, choose, hope, intend, mean, plan, propose, want, wish, help, scorn, venture, ask, beg, decline, demand, offer, promise, refuse, swear,

help sb. do sth. make sb. do sth. let sb. do sth. decide to do would like to do ask sb. to do sth. tell sb. to do sth. welcome to do ;welcome sb. to do forget to do/doing 忘记去做/忘记了是否做过 remember to do/doing 记得做过/记得是否做过 regret to do

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