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enrich my life_翻译 enrich my life 丰富生活; [例句]Entertainers that enrich my life and offer me great options to spend my time. 艺人.他们使我的生活变得丰富,也给我如何度过我的业馀时间提供无限的选择.

enrich:使丰富,充实, 充实你的生活/让你的生命丰富多彩 enrich 1 使富裕 2. 使丰富 3. 使(土壤)肥沃 4. 装饰 5. 增进(食品的)营养价值

picnic life野餐郊游( 轻松)的生活例句筛选1.In order to enrich my extracurricular life, you always bring me to party or to picnicduring weekend.为了丰富我的课余时间,您利用周末带我聚会,野餐,总是玩得很开心.2.But his life changed because of a picnic held in a Palm Springs park.但他的人生从一次在PalmSprings公园举行的野餐之后发生了转变.

ENRICH YOUR LIFE让我照顾你一曲最先发表在《神的孩子都在跳舞》专辑当中,是五月天为国泰世华银行代言所做的歌曲.ENRICH YOUR LIFE和让我照顾你 像温柔和温柔(还你自由版) 像武装和武装(灵魂REMIX)的存在一样 是另外的版本 没有冲突

Your life is a lieNow comes your moment for truthYou've played roulette with other livesToday you play with your ownDon't take life for grantedNobody can help youYou have to help yourselfSo come on make your choiceChoice to live, choice to dieTry

your life is a lienow comes your moment for truthyou've played roulette with other livestoday you play with your owndon't take life for grantednobody can help youyou have to help yourselfso come on make your choicechoice to live, choice to dietry to

My school life in Senior One should be, in my opinoin, a fairly interesting period of time. The school life should be tense and orderly. Everyone is studying hard to make more

How to enrich our Life in the Senior SchoolAs senior school students, we're expected to make our life meaningful and enjoyable. Here are some good tips for you.Firstly, a

这个短语的意思是:以一种高效的方式生活、过有种有效率的的生活.总之这个productive有比较积极向上的意思,在这里不能理解“高产量”.相似的短语有:live a colorful life 过一种多彩多姿的生活

英音: [in'rit] 美音: [n'rt] 翻译:丰富你的生活. 中文谐音:因锐起 哟儿 赖服,

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