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how Do i Do this

how do I do that?意思是:我怎么做那个?How can I do that? 意思是:我能够怎样做那个?

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How do I?明显错误.如果问我应该怎么做某件事,那应该是How can I do this job? 但是就算是这个用法也是少用的.'我该怎么办?在英语里面正确表达应该是"what should I do now?"或者"What can I do now?"注意英语习惯与汉语习惯有所不同,绝对不是字对字翻译的.所以有些常用表达应该句对句地理解.如果清楚了可以采纳了.

how are you?are you ok?what is the weather?how old are you?what is your major?what do you do?

一般情况下引导的是宾语从句,比如:I don't know how to do this?

This has been a frequently asked question, and here is a reply I sent to an earlier request.Also, you may want to search the forum for ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO.Hope this of some help.ShodmanSomebody posted these instructions back in April 02,


There is probably 101 different ways to do this. Although you would need it to be either a directory that they land ineg. your.com/user/John.Door a separate domain that is only used for this and redirects to your domain after the tracking or whatever is

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