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一、however用作副词词性不同意思的造句:1、 然而 (用以引出令人吃惊或形成对比的话语) 例:She felt ill. She went to work, however, and tried to concentrate.她病了.然而她照旧去上班,并且尽力集中精神工作.2、不管多么 (用于形容词

He is poor now. however,when he was young he is rich in this town 他是一个穷人 然而,当他年轻的时候他在这个小镇很富有 亲爱的一定要记住不管造什么句子however后一定要有逗号哦

并列句概念:并列句(compound sentence),两个或两个以上的简单句用并列连词连在一起构成的句子,叫做并列句.其基本结构是“简单句+并列连词+简单句”.并列连词有:and,but,or,so等.并列句中的各简单句意义同等重要,相互之间

adv.(副词) In whatever manner or way:无论如何,不管怎样:However he did it, it was very clever.不管他是怎么做的,他做得很聪明 conj.(连接词) In whatever manner or way:不管用什么方法:Dress however you like.你喜欢怎么穿就怎么穿

However I study hard , I also don't well in math .

However, I still only forever love you.However you praise the film, I just feel it so-so. However, it is pretty reliable. There were people there, however. However, you often use it. However, it is that gap. The new service in Japan, however, is free. However, sometimes the virus can sicken humans.

可以搜到大量的句子.不用问别人. whenever 不论何时e.g.I told him to come back whenever he wants to.我告诉他什么时候想回来就回来.however连接词 conj.1.然而,可是,不过I feel a bit tired. However, I can hold on.我有点累了,但我能坚持

1.He knows a lot,however,he doesn'tget good grades.2.Firstly,we should be interested in it;secondly,don't be afraid of it;thirdly,be brave and have a try.3.I eat an apple and I also eat a bowl of noodles.4.I have many hobbies.For example,I like singing very much.

I would like to go but I am too busy. You can do it however you like.Firstly-Scondly-"Thirdly"-Next-Then-After that-FinalShe speaks French and German and also a little RussianOffices can easily become more environmetally-friendly by,for example,using recycled paper

However, we also the best friends.然而,我们还是好朋友.

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