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on the computer表示通过电脑或在电脑上 在电脑上的一些东西 表示在电脑室或电脑这个行业一些与电脑有关的用in

on the computer.在电脑上操作.可以加wrote,operate.In the computer,电脑里面,比如一些零件在里面,用in纯手打,无抄袭.

1.A functional unit that can perform substantial computation, including numerous arithmetic operations or logic operations, without intervention by ahuman operator during a run. 能执行大量计算,包括许多算术运算和逻辑运算,而在运行期间无需

In my computer 是指在我电脑(实体)里面,比如说, I have a cd-rom in my computer.我的电脑里面有一个光驱.On my computer 是指在我电脑(系统/软体)上面,比如说,I have installed QQ on my computer. 我的电脑上装了QQ程序.on the

我们生活在电脑时代 意思就是我们生活在科技先进的计算机时代 信息技术高端的新世纪了



on 在电脑上面摆放的东西in 显示在电脑上的内容

The ComputerThe computer is widely used in all phases of society. In industry, business, education, medicine, nearly all walks of life, computers have made their appearance, providing great speed and accuracy for our work. Computers have been

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