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in trouBlE造句简单

in trouble:处于不幸中/处困难中 you are in trouble.你处在困境之中.Just call me whenever you're in trouble.什么时候你遇到麻烦,就给我打电话.When you are in trouble, they will help you.当你有困难的时候,他们将帮助你.


I have trouble wake up in the morning.早上起来对我而言是件苦事. I often have trouble with my teeth.我常常牙痛. Do you have trouble with your boss?你和你的老板有纠纷吗? Men do have trouble hearing women?男人为什么不愿意听女人说话?

meals or even some light housekeeping

get in trouble with sb.:与某人相处遇到了麻烦、造句如下:He got in trouble with me.get in trouble with sth.某事遇到了麻烦He got in trouble with his study.


it is the most serious economic crisis in the 21st century.这是二十一世纪最严重的经济危机.望采纳,祝学习顺利!!!不懂可再问.


he feared that he would get into trouble with the man. 他担心会因那个男人而惹上麻烦.

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