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mADE somE monEy造句

He has to make money to support the family.他必须挣钱养家.

Making money is pretty hard.

Mum paid some money for my toys.She pays some money for the books.I pay some money for the pen.

i paid the house owner a great amount of money for the house. 我向屋主出了很高的价钱买下了这房子.

Some students spend some money on snacks every day.

l have got enough money

I paid him some money for food.(我支付给他食物的钱)

可以.比如 I want to make some money to buy Christmas presents.

您好!let's make a face on snowman ;He makes his way to school ;I have made up my mind to study harder ;Can I make a friend with you ?my mother makes dinner everyday ;my mum suggests me to make my bed ;It's easy to use money than to make money ;接下.

首先,你想拼写的应该是borrow借吧!!还有,从应该是fromIf you don't have any money to ues ,maybe you should borrow some money from your friends.

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