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make out 理解;辨认出;说明;填写;设法应付Let us make out a contract for the deal. 让我们为这笔交易订一份合同.take in吸收;领会;欺骗;接待;接受;理解;拘留;欺骗;让…进入;改短You may want to compare them, or you may just

十分制的意思 mark 是分数 或者 打分的意思 例句: All of our exams are marked out of ten. 我们所有的考试都是十分制的.

take out 是拿出来的意思,是以take开头的短语,加上了out,就是及物动词,可直接加东西.造句有:I will take out the book.我要把书拿出来.Can you take out your ticket?你能把车票拿出来吗?需要其他的请追问,谢谢

take out 把…带出去Please take the children out, their noise is making my head ache.请把孩子们领出去, 他们吵得我头痛.清除, 除掉There's a nasty mark on the tablecloth, and I don't think the usual washing powder will take it out.桌布上有一块

Will you help me to hand out the materials for the lecture? 你可以帮我分发演讲材料.有帮助请点好评或者采纳祝你新的一学期学习进步!

Iwatchout for them.我会小心照看它们.Youhave towatch outfor insincerepeople.你得小心那些虚情假意的人.

find out意为找到,发现,探索.与find的区别是find out是经过一些努力找到的.造句:The answer is for you to find out.(答案是要你去寻找的.)

1. the opposition parties made (political) capital out of the disagreements within the cabinet. 2. you can't make something out of nothing.

mark[英][m:k][美][mrk] n.痕迹; 记号; (品质或情感的)标志; 目标; vt.作记号; 表示; 给…打分; 在…留下痕迹; vi.评分; 注意; (比赛中)记分; 1.That, he says, will mark the beginning of a truly sustainable kiss. 他认为,那将标志着

cut out.割掉;删去;剪下;开辟;停止;删除;切掉 例句筛选:1.it allows me to cut out the unnecessary instead of wimping around and trying to everything to fit in somehow.它让我剔除了一些不必要的事,而不是犹犹豫豫,并试著以某种方式适

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