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my prEssurE 什么意思

my pleasure是人家要你帮他,你帮好了,人家谢谢你,你可以说my pleasure with pleasure是有人要你帮他,你还没帮好,但你答应了,你可以说with pleasure

It's my pleasure.是你帮别人做完事,别人感谢你时,你可以说“It's my pleasure”表示“我很荣幸能帮他这个忙”.With pleasure.是别人请你帮忙,别人谢你,你对他说的“With pleasure”,表示我很乐意去做.其实记住大体的意思就可以了.with pleasure 我乐意.It's my pleasure 是我的荣幸.

my pressure我的压力

with pleasure和my pleasure的区别为:含义不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、含义不同1.with pleasure 释义:愿意效劳.例句:You can't mix business with pleasure. 你不能把工作和娱乐搅在一起.2.my pleasure 释义:我的荣幸之至.例句:



With the fast rhythm of modern life,more and more people are living under great pressure.Many kinds of pressure appear in our daily life and trouble us a lot.Some people are afraid of pressure.They think that(宾语从句) the stresses and strains of


n. 压, 按, 榨v. 对施加压力; 迫使

是 my pressure 吧?乐意效劳 ,我的荣幸 之类的意思

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