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today is the weekend, i finally can not go to school, i am very happy. i decided to go shopping, buy some daily necessities. and then to buy a book about space travel. yes, i want to go to the movies, today at half price, so lucky.it is a funny day 今天是

i will have a happy weekend this coming weekend. because i have lots of plans. in the erly morning, my father and me will go to climb a moutain, my father tells me that i should take more exercise to keep healthy. after lunch ,i will wacth a cartoon movie with my best friend liming.

翻译如下:My life for a week(5句话作文) 星期一我要开始化妆.在星期二我有数学,英语,语文和体育课.在星期三我有数学,美术和英语课.一到星期四我就忙得不可开交.星期五我玩得很痛快.我的周末很安静呆在家里过.on Monday I start wearing make-up. On Tuesday, I have math, English, Chinese and PE. I have math, art and English on Wednesday and Thursdays. I push the boat out on friday. I have a quiet night at home.

It is weekend. I am excited, It's not because of weekend but “The Smurfs”, a 3D movie published by Sony Pictures Releasing (Argentina). After I have my lunch, I go to the Red Star cinema with my several friends early. It's hot outside, evrybody

my week I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning,I cleaned my room.It was tired,but my room very clean.In the afternoon,I play sports with my mother.In the evening,I did my homework. On Sunday morning,I went to the library.I read a book about

Sunday is a sunny day.Sunday is family day.Monday is a marvelous day.Monday is math day.Tuesday is a terrific day.Tuesday is art day.Wednesday is a wonderful day.Wednesday is music day.Thursday is a thankful day.Thursday is history day.

Last Sunday, I and my father, mother, sister, brother went to SanBaiShan by car . In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain

Now I'm at my cousin's home and I'm very well.Don't worry about me.I had a good time from Monday to Friday.On Monday I went to the park with my cousin.We took many pictures there.On Tuesday we went to the museum.We saw many interesting

不知道你要多长的啊 my weekened plan this weekend i'm going to do many things. first thing that i'm going to do is studying very hard for my english class. i'm going to memorize at least twenty new vocabularies. another thing that i'm going to do is

I have a good week .I went to park with my family . w e had a picnic .we saw some beautiful flowers and trees .we had a good time .what a fun week

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