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读作:欧呢 owner [英][n(r)][美][on(r)] n.物主,所有人; 复数:owners 双语例句 The switchboard operator was the hotel owner's wife.电话总台的接线员是旅馆老板的妻子

of to 都可以吧


owner [英][n(r)][美][on(r)] n.物主,所有人; 复数:owners 双语例句 1 The owner of the store was sweeping his floor when I walked in.我进去的时候这家商店的店主正在扫地.2 Work harder than the next guy and think and behave as an owner of the company you work for.要比别人工作更努力,像老板一样地思考和行事.

owner['un]n. C所有人,物主词形变化时 态:owned, owning, owns名 词:own'er常用短语plantation owner 种植园主property owner 业主Replacements shall be shipped free of charge to the owner.更换后的产品将免费运给产品拥有人.The

owner [un]n.物主, 所有人do you know the name of the owner?你知道主人的名字吗?


owner 英[n(r)] 美[onr] n. 物主,所有人 名词复数:owners [例句]Its owner was likely dead.主人大概已经死了.

如果要写成do you know owner the name也应该是do you know the owner's name因为没有点明这样物品是什么,所以按道理问这个的人和被问的人应该都明确知道对方在说的是那件物品,所以要加定冠词the,特指这件物品.of the owner 就是所属者的..

owner 1.物主,所有者 2.业主;业权人;拥有人 3.物主后面的句子我读不懂 我的翻译是 他自己吃了最好的苹果 很别扭 而且apple应该是单数才对

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