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protECt From造句

Wearing dark glasses can protect your eyes from the sun. May God protect you from harm.

all mothers should protect their children from dangerous.We wanted to protect our banks from contagion.

we must protect us from the traffic accident(我们必须保护自己免受交通事故的危害)

protect from 保护不受(使免于) 如:The sheep jammed together to protect from the cold.这些绵羊为了御寒紧紧地挤在了一起.protect against 反对以保护 如:The vaccine was used to protect the whole population against infection. 这种疫苗用以为全体居民预防传染病.

一个例子你就明白了 protect you from being burnt防止你被烧伤 protect you from fire 两个意思一样的

Protec from heat and light. 避光和热.I do long to do boy things .我真的渴望做男孩子们的事情

protect 英[prtekt] 美[prtkt] 过去式:protected 过去分词:protected 现在分词:protecting vt. 1.保护; 保卫 2.关税保护;(通过征关税)保护(国内企业);实行贸易保护 3.(制定法律)保护 4.投保;为…买保险 5.防护;防卫;警戒

mom is prepare dinner for us. sport can protect our body from disease

protectfrom表示“保护……不受……侵袭,挡住,防御”. from后接能带来伤害或损害之物.e.g.1:You should protect the children from catching cold.你应该防备孩子们受凉.2.You had better wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.你最好戴上太阳镜来保护眼睛免受太阳(伤害).3.Laws would protect us from hurt.法律会保护我们免受伤害.希望对你有所帮助~~

protect from 表示“保护免受的伤害"prevent from 表示"阻止,使不"所以,protect 更侧重于保护,而prevent则更侧重禁止如果有帮到您 请给予好评 谢谢拉#^_^#祝您愉快

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