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show sb sth=show sth to sbeg.Please show me the souvenir you bought in shanghai.

groan造句:Slowly, he opened his eyes. As he did so, he began to groan with pain.他慢慢地睁开眼睛,并发出痛苦的呻吟.

I was spellbinded by the dream.The white skirt is spellbinding.She has spellbinded the attention of many boys.He was spellbinded and lost his mind for a while.She attended a spellbinding dancing party and felt as if she were a princess.

make peace with sb网络与某人和解1Make peace with your past lest it create your future. 和你的过去和解以免影响到你的未来.2CLAUDIA: I came to make peace with you, even if you're the father of lies. 克劳迪娅:我是来和你讲和的,尽管你是谎言之父.3When you make peace with yourself, then you can be in peace with the rest of the world. 当你和自己和平相处时,你就能和世界和平相处.


1. Shall we write someting to attract the public's attention?我们该不该写点东西给媒体以引起公众的注意呢?2. Although the ways have great times limitation,they still have someting to use for reference.其做法虽具有浓厚的时代局限性,但仍有许多

I am pround of you ,my son. 儿子,我以你为荣 感谢采纳

be surprised to 英文造句 I was surprised to find that I have passed my maths exam.He is surprised to see him.Don't be surprised to find that you have failed all of your exams, because you were lazy!很希望我的回答会对你有帮助.如有不明白,可以再追问,若满意请采纳,谢谢你,并祝你进步!


1. If you find sth. difficult to learn, do not give up. 学之弗能, 弗措也. 2. make an attempt to do sth. 试图做某事 3. I will trouble you to (do sth) 我要麻烦你去… 4. To do sth. oneself is often easier than getting sb. else to do it. 亲自做一件事情往往比叫别人做还容易些. 5. I will thank you to (do sth) (反、谑)(还是请)…好 6. fall over backwards to do sth. 急于做某事

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