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touch KK: [] DJ: [] vt.1. 接触,碰到2. 触摸 She lightly touched his forehead.她轻轻地摸了摸他的前额.3. (常与否定词连用)碰;乱动 Don't touch the exhibits.不要碰展览品.4. (常与否定词连用)达到,比得上 Few students in our school can


touch的名词意思为:触摸,碰; 触觉,触感; 修饰,润色; 痕迹;touch 英[tt] 美[tt] vt. 触摸; 使某物与…轻轻接触; 吃或喝,尝; [数] 与…相切; n. 触摸,碰; 触觉,触感; 修饰,润色; 痕迹; vi. 联系; 接触; [例句]

接触 触摸 同义词 feel

touch v.触摸;感动;接触 n.接触;触觉;润色

形容词放前 名词前后都可以如Important enough ,money enough或 enough money都可以

答案为D固定短语:Keep in touch with ..,意为:“与.保持联系”.不可以选C,“失去联系”为:Be out of touch .我的回答满意吗?

take pride in因而自豪. 类似的:to be proud of .后接名词或人e.g. I will always take pride in what you have done. 我永远都因为你的所作所为而自豪My parents take pride in me.我父母因我而感到自豪.hold with 赞同, 容忍.类似的: agree

1.这两个词语基本意思相近,如 We must finish the report in the day to come.(in the coming day)只不过第一个强调这一天的时间,第二个更强调是在未来的一天.2.move 作动词意思是移动,动,走等意思,moved 是形容词有

Since I've graduated from Nanjing University in 1985, I have been kind of lost in touch with my classmates.

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