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Today,i am very unexcept.Because,i lost my game

[美俚]毫无生气, 没有效率 [Zilch ]某人; 普通人, 一般人, 小人物 无, 零, 乌有 The team's morale fell to zilch owing to the unexpected defeat. 由于这次出乎意料的失利,球队的士气低落到极点.it looked like nothing I had ever seen before;

这个是就是练习带来的意想不到的地方.take an unepected aspect可翻译为意想不到的地方.完形填空还是要结合上下文,指望把每一句话都翻译成中文,并易于理解,是不太可能的.这些段落都是从外文名著上面摘取下来的,晦涩难懂.另外,段落中总有你不认识的单词,这时就要靠推断.

to reverse a procedure,颠倒程序. Something unexpected has turned up.发生了没有意料到的事. He and I go to the spare-time school on alternate days.他和我隔天轮流上业余学校.


amazed造句 定语从句: I was amazed by the movie that I saw last night. 我昨晚看的电影使我很惊奇.表语从句: I was amazed by the movie which was unexpected. 意想不到这部电影使我很惊奇.

I was worried by unexpected telephone calls. My friends aren't be worried by such things.His bycicle was stolen a long ago. My sunglasses were stolen while I was on holiday. Your parcel were sent to the wrong place.Those jobs haven't been done

1.They would both laugh at you. 他们都会嘲2113笑你的.2.Perhaps people would laugh at you? 可能别人5261会嘲笑你吗?3.I won't laugh at his jokes. 他说笑话,我才不会笑.41024.We laugh at such jokes because the pattern change is

朋友,句子造好了: dave and rebecca arrived later that afternoon. 戴夫和丽贝卡是那天晚些时候抵达的.

He win the game.他赢得比赛.

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