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black 英[bl?k] 美[bl?k] adj. 黑(色); 黑色来种; 黑暗; 加牛奶; n. 黑色; 黑; 黑颜料; 黑暗; v. 使变黑; 抵制; 拒绝; 使变黑暗; [网络] 色; 韩; 三; [例句源]She was wearing a black coat with a white collar.穿着件白领黑外套[其] 比较级:blacker 高级:blackest 第三称单数zd:blacks 复数:blacks现词:blacking 式:blacked 词:blacked

Lena Paul

我的回答是:black 、husband、son、boy、here、grandmother.


<p>on a farm in America</p><p>Yes, she was very happy</p><p>by train</p><p>Half an hour</p><p>three meals a day</p><p>Yes, they did</p>

Mr White with his wife was now living at a small Italian hotel, 1 they had stayed in Italy for months on holiday. One night he went out for a walk alone. It was late. The small street was dark and 2 . Suddenly he heard 3 behind him. He 4 his head and saw

答案: Bfurniture 家具, 不可数名词,用 a lot of/ lots of / much 修饰祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*)不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

Danny's wife is a white woman who writes essays.One day when she was lying on the couch on her right-side the clock besides her striked,she found out it was 8 pm and she was quite hungry.She drived he

短语black out 的过去式意思:1.晕厥;暂时昏迷2.对…实行灯火管制;使一片漆黑3.禁播(电影等);禁止发行,禁止出版(文章、图书等)4.涂黑,盖住,涂掉(文字等)5.尽力忘记;努力忘却

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